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Class Cancellations - November 24, 2015
Instructor Course Period Note
Samuel, John ULI101 - LMM 5&6
Samuel, John ULI101 - SMM 7&8
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TODAY - Guest speaker - David Johnston, U of Gloucestershire (England)

On Tuesday, November 24, we will be hosting Professor David Johnston, from the University of Gloucestershire (England).

He will deliver a presentation at 1:30pm in SEQ Building room S1209 (lower Kaleidoscope room), titled:

"Software Quality Assurance and Hybridised Models: Agility, Rigidity and The Safety Critical Challenge"

All students are invited, and BSD, CPA, and CPD students will be most interested in the topic. Maybe you have had some experience in the workplace, or have given some thought to the problems involved in authoring applications that meet requirements, while taking into account unexpected and/or exceptional circumstances that may endanger life or create expensive disasters. Software quality is very important in today's society.

We hope that you will attend.

InfoSec Society Event - Thursday, November 26

The InfoSec Society is for cyber security enthusiasts.  The society will be holding an event on Thursday, November 26 in the Tel Building - Room T2108 at 5:00 p.m. Please join us for an evening of fun games in order to challenge your knowledge on server-side web security.  Refreshments will be served. 

InfoSec Society


Fall 2015 Exam Schedule

The exam schedule for the Fall 2015 Term has been posted.

Click here to view the current exam schedule.

If you have an exam conflict, please send an email to Daman Panesar (daman.panesar@senecacollege.ca) by November 20.

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