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Class Cancellations - August 04, 2015
No Cancellations Today
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Lab Assistants Fall 2015

If you are interested in being a lab assistant in the Fall term in one of our programs and are in semester 2 or above, have a minimum 3.0 GPA and are taking a full course load, please check out the link for a position titled 'Lab Assistants' on the Seneca Career Services - SenecaWorks web site

You will need to login to view the position posting.

Summer 2015 Exam Schedule

The exam schedule for the Summer 2015 Term has been posted.

Click here to view the current exam schedule.

If you have an exam conflict, please send an email to Daman Panesar (daman.panesar@senecacollege.ca) by August 7.

Important Dates for the Fall 2015 term

August 10 and 11 - RETURNING students who have paid their fees and are therefore "Eligible to Enrol" will have "windowed" access (Enrollment Appointment Windows) to start viewing, and changing their timetables through Student Center. 

August 12 - Registration course selection window opens for ALL students who are "Eligible to Enroll". This is also the first date that first term students will be able to access their timetables in Student Center.  

Note: First term students are not permitted to change their course sections on their timetable.

September 8 - Experience Day (First Term student orientation)

September 14 - Last day to add a subject

September 21 - Last day to drop a subject and withdrawal for a fee refund

Student Centre introductory and help information is at this link

Please understand that Student Centre is new, and offers many features and workflows. It will take time and effort to learn. Be patient, and use the help resource linked above.

If the Student Centre is unable to successfully complete a task, or if the task generates an error message, create a service request. Do not visit the student help desk in the library. Do not visit the School office. Instead, use your device's email client to send a 'service request' message to servicedesk@senecacollege.ca, or use the online web form at this link. Include your name, student ID number, and a description (with screenshots if possible) of the task and the error.


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