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Class Cancellations - April 29, 2016
No Cancellations Today
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CPP100 Classes for Coop Applicants for Summer 2016 term

Please ensure that you leave your Summer 2016 timetable open for the following times to accommodate the coop class, CPP100.  You will find the decision regarding your coop application acceptance or denial in the Student Centre on your advising transcript at the end of the semester when final grades are released. If you are accepted to coop, we will add you to the CPP100 class by the first day of the semester.

CPP100 for CPD/CPA students– Thursdays from 3:20 to 5:05 p.m.

CPP100 for CNS/CTY and PMC students:  Fridays from 1:30 to 3:15 p.m

Curriculum updates for the Summer 2016 term for S@Y programs

There are no planned changes for the Summer 2016 term. Pro options will be visible in the Student Center app, starting in the week of April 11, 2016.

LSO courses for degree-program students are listed on this page.

GenEd courses for diploma-program students are listed on this page.

We do not override prerequisites. If Student Center shows a message "Departmental Consent required. You must obtain permission to take this class", you will not receive permission. The Student Center message is a standard message that we (in the School of ICT) have no control over, but often it simply means that the class is full.

Important Dates and Registration Information for the Summer 2016 Term

March 15 - New students - Summer 2016 tuition Deposit Due

April 11 and 12 - Continuing and Returning Students will have access to the system via the enrollment appointments.

April 13 - Open enrolment for all programs beginning at 8:00 a.m.

New first term students will be auto enrolled into a timetable.  Check Student Center. Please note that first term students are NOT permitted to change their course sections on their timetable.

April 15 - Last day to submit requests for Transfer Credit for Summer Term 2016

May 9 - Summer Term 2016 Tuition Due

May 9 - Experience Day - First semester Orientation

May 13 - Last day to add courses

May 20 - Last day to drop courses(s) without receiving a grade and with a refund

June 3 - Last day for "DNC" Grading for a 7 week subject - (Session I)

July 15 - Last day for "DNC" Grading for a 14 week subject 

July 25 - Last day for "DNC" Grading for a 7 week subject (Session II)

August 15 - 19 - Exam Week



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