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Class Cancellations - September 04, 2015
No Cancellations Today
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Exam viewing, Thu Sep 3, 10:00am-noon - ICT subjects only

A student can view their summer-term final exam, by visiting the professor. Here's how the process works.

Essential need-to-know:

Exam viewing is scheduled for Thursday, September 3, between 10:00am and noon. 

You can view your summer-term exam, which will include annotations and an assigned grade. 

As you would expect, you cannot take a photo of the exam, or have a copy.

Also, you cannot annotate the exam.

Purpose of the exam viewing session:

The exam viewing session is intended to be an opportunity for you to review your work on the exam. As you probably know, we do not return exams to students. Exams are retained for a year, and then destroyed.

The exam viewing session is not intended to be a comprehensive and detailed review of your performance on the exam. You should probably expect the duration of an exam review session to be five or ten minutes. 

During the exam review session, your professor will not re-teach material on the exam. 

If you did not pass the exam, you are not permitted to ask for a “supplemental privilege”. 

Tips and hints, for best results:

Do not assume that your professor will be available. 

For best results, contact your professor, and indicate that you wish to view your exam. Make sure that you receive an acknowledgement from your professor. 

If your professor is not available during the Thursday exam viewing timeframe, then make alternate arrangements (with your professor) to review the exam. If the professor will not be teaching during the fall term, then ask another professor (who teaches the course) for an appointment to review the exam.

Welcome to Fall 2015

Welcome first semester students!  Please attend orientation day on Tuesday, September 8 - Experience Seneca.

Experience Seneca starts at 10:00 a.m. Agenda for the day - click here

For more information on the fun orientation activities planned for the month of September click here.

There are no classes on Tuesday, September 8. Classes begin on Wednesday, September 9 for all students.

Student volunteers from upper semester students are welcome to assist with Experience Seneca.  If interested, please contact by email - Mary-Lynn.Manton@senecacollege.ca as soon as possible. 


Curriculum Updates in the Fall 2015 term for Seneca@York programs

There are a number of changes in the Fall 2015 term. This page has the details (and a list of pro options).

LSO courses for degree-program students are listed on this page.

GenEd courses for diploma-program students are listed on this page.

We do not override prerequisites. If Student Center shows a message "Departmental Consent required. You must obtain permission to take this class.", you will not receive permission. The Student Center message is a standard message that we (in the School of ICT) have no control over.

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