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Class Cancellations - October 06, 2015
Instructor Course Period Note
Gray, Brian INT420A 1 & 2
Gray, Brian ULI101G 3 & 4
Gray, Brian ULI101F 6 & 7
Zatowkaniuk, Bohdan MTH356NAA PD.7
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FSOSS is Looking for Volunteers!

The Free Software and Open Source Symposium (FSOSS) is an annual event showcasing developments in Open Technology.  This event is not possible without volunteers.  Volunteers get a free registration for FSOSS.  If you are interested, please signup below.


Android App - Everyone's Timetable

The Everyone's Timetable Android app is now available from Google Play. The app now includes the timetables for our professors. It was created by Andrew Smith primarily for Seneca students and staff. If you have an Android phone - try it to see if it's useful to you!

Curriculum Updates in the Fall 2015 term for Seneca@York programs

There are a number of changes in the Fall 2015 term. This page has the details (and a list of pro options).

LSO courses for degree-program students are listed on this page.

GenEd courses for diploma-program students are listed on this page.

We do not override prerequisites. If Student Center shows a message "Departmental Consent required. You must obtain permission to take this class.", you will not receive permission. The Student Center message is a standard message that we (in the School of ICT) have no control over.

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