[EEN] Electronics Engineering Technician Overview

Program Description

The Electronics Engineering Technician program, also known as EEN, is a two years (four semesters) diploma program that gain you a solid background in the fundamentals of modern electronics, both analog and digital, combined with a foundation in computer technology. The EEN program provides you with a high proportion of relevant hands–on laboratory work to give you the practical experience that the electronics industry values.

Areas of Study

You will study such topics as electronic devices and circuitry, microcontroller–based circuits, diagnostic techniques and computer programming, with enough of a theoretical foundation to allow for future professional or academic progression. During the final year of the program, you'll specialize in one or more areas of electronics and computer engineering through your selection of available professional options.

Your career

We live in a world where electronics are everywhere, and qualified technicians are vital to make it all work. Start your career as an Electronics Engineering Technician and your employment opportunities will span a wide range of fields involving the maintenance, servicing, testing, installation or sales of electronic equipment. Your Electronics Engineering Technician diploma demonstrates a comprehensive set of skills that will let you work in a variety of settings, both industrial and consumer-facing. Through your choice of options, you can target specific sectors, such as telecommunications or computers, to give yourself a competitive advantage.

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