[CTY] Computer System Technology Overview

This program places the emphasis on practical subjects and "hands-on" training delivered in speciality labs. These dedicated labs are configured for various environments such as Linux, Microsoft Windows, networking, PC hardware, Internet, AS/400, and RS/6000. Through these labs students have access to standalone, clustered and networked PC's along with a host of LAN servers and mid-range computers.

Subjects studied include PC hardware, operating systems, Internet, HTML, Linux/Unix and Microsoft Windows Server administration, data communications, Novell Netware, AS/400 connectivity, web server installation and maintenance, Voice over Internet Protocol and Security. In semesters four, five and six students may select from a broad offering of professional options and will integrate systems and technical skills in the planning and implementation of a 'real-life' computer project for a business client.

Experience is gained using many vendors' products for example CISCO, Sangoma, Microsoft, Novell, Rogers. Students have access to our fully equipped labs and the open learning areas provide students time to practice their work. In addition, students have 24/7 access from external sites to Seneca's extensive computing services.

The program allows students to graduate as a generalist in the field or to choose from one of the following specialist areas:

  1. Security Specialist:
    develop skills in security including the Internet/Intranet, encryption and database security for commercial applications.
  2. Data Communications Specialist:
    develop skills in the area of data communications using various vendors' products (both hardware and software) as well as skills in Voice Over IP.
  3. Network Administration Specialist:
    enhance skills in administration including techniques in migration and integration to become a network administration specialist.

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The program coordinator is Nagham Kubba. Nagham can be reached at nagham.kubba@senecacollege.ca.