Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What does "Software Developer" mean?
Someone who can perform the full range of computer-programming activities, ranging from working with clients to identify and understand problems and opportunities; software architecture as well as program module design; uses knowledge and techniques that improve the reliability and quality of software; delivers and maintains software solutions; and many other related activities.
Where do you think we will find our toughest challenge in the first year or the first semester?
Ability to solve problems and learning problem solving approaches. Staying focused on school work, time management and leaving time to relax and have fun.
Which programming language do you recommend (to be expert in) to ensure a job (asked by a BSD student)?
C++ because most other widely-used languages and platforms derive some concepts and syntax from C++.
Textbook Issue (buy or not buy?)
Consult your instructor, but if there is a required textbook you should probably buy it.
What form of assessments can we expect from the course and how often will we be assessed?
Assignments, workshops, quizzes, practical (hands-on) exercises, tests, and exam - often something is due weekly - varies by course and program.
Do instructors use different teaching methods in the classrooms?
Yes, but most combine lectures with hands-on exercises.
Student Services

How do we know if we received a bursary/scholarship? On Financial Aid on SIRIS, it says that it's submitted; however, I am not sure when or how I know if I've received it?'
Contact financial aid directly.
Will it be more difficult to do this course commuting (just over an hour drive)?
Many do successfully, this is pretty normal; if you can, use the commute time to read course content and otherwise prepare.

How much Mathematics (Calculus and Functions) will be used throughout the BSD courses?
High School Math is all you need; any additional math will be taught when needed.
How much Mathematics is required to do well in the computer courses?
Math skills never hurt, in fact they can contribute to better performance.
Course Specific

Does the Android course use Eclipse or Android Studio?
Eclipse and Android Studio (both).
Is there an easy way to pass this course (C, C++)?
Do all the labs and workshops - practice, practice, practice - this applies to all other programming courses as well.
Will there be some courses about human computer interaction?
Yes, BTH740, in the BSD program.
Hardware Operating Systems

Would the SurfacePro3 work as a personal computer for this program?
Yes, with 8GB of RAM.
Is there a performance base level for a laptop/PC to be successful in the course?
Modern system, less than 3 years old but well-equipped, like I5 with 8GB of RAM or a MacBook Pro.
Which linux distribution (kali, red hat, fedora, selinux) should we learn (asked by a first year IFS student)?
Kali and Security Onion; your professors will also provide recommendations.

In which semester do we apply for co-op?
  • Certificates Semester 1
  • CPA/CTY Semester 2
  • BSD/IFS Semester 5
How do we enroll for Coop?
Watch for the notice/announcement each semester. Good academic performance (e.g. 3.0 GPA), completion of program specific pre-requisites and fill out a co-op application form.
Is there a performance base level for a laptop/PC to be successful in the course?
Modern system, less than 3 years old but well-equipped, like I5 with 8GB of RAM or a MacBook Pro.

What are the requirements for getting into CDOT?
Passion for programming and high achievement.

Transfer to university: what is the route?
Many Seneca programs have pathways to degree programs, and degree programs are available at Seneca as well as at other colleges and universities.For more information, visit: Seneca University Transfer Information Degree program graduates can pursue graduate-level studies at universities worldwide.

What kinds of jobs will we be able to find after we graduate and what careers will be in demand?
Program specific... The program pages on the College web site have information on this topic. Please visit this page for more information.
Can we find jobs abroad after we complete our program?
Why not?
Are there Employment Statistics for different professional options courses? Is Game Development affecting employability?
We do not have reliable statistics at this point in time.