BSD Professional Options

Professional Options for the Software Development degree program will have a subject code in the “DPS9xx” format. The “DPS” letters mean “Degree program Professional Options (Software Development)”. All Professional Options subjects will have a 900-level coding, and can be taken at any time in the third or fourth year of the program.

Professional Options: 

DPS903 - Enterprise Development with Java and EJB

DPS904 - Java Database Connectivity

DPS907 - Web Services Architecture

DPS908 - Operating Systems for Programmers - iSeries

DPS909 - Topics in Open Source Development

DPS910 - Windows Programming Using C#

DPS911 - Open Source Project

DPS912 - Topics in Unix Systems Programming

DPS915 - Introduction to Parallel Programming

DPS916 - Visual Basic

DPS918 - Unix Bash Shell Scripting (new in Winter 2014)

DPS921 - Parallel Algorithms and Programming Techniques (new in Winter 2014)

DPS923 - Mobile App Development - iOS

DPS924 - Mobile App Development - Android

DPS931 - Game Engine Foundations

DPS932 - Game Engine Techniques (new in Winter 2014)

DPS936 - Game Content Creation

DPS937 - Game Development Fundamentals (new in Winter 2014)


The following pro options have been discontinued:

DPS905 - 3D Game Programming Techniques

DPS906 - Simulation Techniques for Game Programming

The following pro options will likely be discontinued:

DPS913 - Foundations of Apple Application Development (replaced by DPS923)

DPS914 - Introduction to Eclipse Development (replaced by DPS924)