DAD - Entrance Test

Everyone that applies to this program must pass a mandatory entrance test before they can be accepted.

You can only write the test AFTER you apply to the program.

Format of Entrance test:

You are expected to know one of C, C++ or Java, in order to join the DAD program

The test has 2 components and will take approximately 3 hours in total:

Technical Test

  • This includes general logic questions to see if you have a logical mind
  • The test includes programming problems, where you need to give solutions using pseudocode or any programming language of your choice
  • Our focus will be to see if you have the correct logic for solving the problem rather than on the syntax

English Test

  • We will give you a general topic on which you are expected to write a one page essay

For a particular intake you can only write the entrance test ONCE. If you fail the entrance test, you cannot try again for the same intake


For Local students:

  • Admissions dept. will contact you regarding the test date
  • If you are unable to attend the test on the date allocated to you, please visit the Admissions page immediately to see if an alternate date. 
  • Please bring a photo-id and your resume when you come for the test.

For International students (on study visa):

  • All international students are also required to pass the Entrance Test, which is currently held locally here in Toronto, Canada
  • Occasionally the International dept. may hold a test overseas in another country, however, we do not guarantee that
  • Once you apply to the program, if there is a test being conducted overseas, the international dept. will notify you
  • Please take a photo-id and your resume when you go to write the test

For more information on procedures and other relevant information for international students, visit this website: International