DAD - Optional Co-op Work Term

This program has an optional 4 month co-op work term following the second academic semester. Students who are interested in a co-op placement must qualify for the co-op program during the first academic semester, by maintaining a certain grade point average and by demonstrating communication skills sufficient for going through the job application procedure. Co-op fees may apply. Please check the college fees info on the website for latest fees, including coop fees:

During the second academic semester, those students who are accepted into the co-op program must attend an extra 2-hour-per-week co-op preparation class, run by Seneca's Co-op department, which will guide the students through the co-op job application process.

Co-op opportunities are available from many companies who come to Seneca looking for students to hire, although students may also find a work placement using their own contacts and initiative.

One thing of which prospective applicants should be aware is that the co-op employers are under no obligation to hire a particular student, and so Seneca cannot guarantee a placement. Most companies carry out a typical job selection process when hiring co-op students, by first giving Seneca a job description to post, then short-listing interested students based on resumes and finally performing interviews (typically on campus).