- OPS335 -

Assignment 1 Part 2 - Due 6 Nov 2015 @ 23:59:59

In this assignment you will set up the master DNS and slave DNS servers for the network introduced in assignment 1 part 1. You are not responsible for turning in any machines other than this, however you may wish to configure some other machines in order to test that your server works as expected.
The table below shows the class-c network you will be adding machines to:

Machine Name IP address Role
cumulonimbus.clouds.ops (Your existing host)
  • External - DHCP assigned
  • Internal (virbr1) -
stratus.clouds.ops Master DNS server
stratocumulus.clouds.ops Slave DNS server
cirrus.clouds.ops Mail server
altostratus.clouds.ops Master NIS server
altocumulus.clouds.ops Slave NIS server
cirrocumulus.clouds.ops ftp server
cumulus.clouds.ops Samba server
nimbostratus.clouds.ops nfs server
pileus.clouds.ops Web server
orographic.clouds.ops Remote backups
fog.clouds.ops Cloning Source
Note that this class-C network will also include a number of dhcp assigned client machines in the range

Assignment details

You need to install and configure two DNS servers using named, on an installation of Fedora 22 cloned from the machine you created in assignment 1 part 1 (fog.clouds.ops). You will also provide a testing plan that shows what steps you took to ensure your installation worked as intended.


This host is the network's master DNS server.


This host is the network's slave DNS server.

Testing Plan

Your submission must include a description of the steps you took to ensure that your servers are configured correctly. Note that this is not a list of every step you took to configure your machine, but a record of tests you ran just before it 'goes live'.

Assignment submission and grading

Your professor will provide submission instructions.