- OPS335 -

Assignment 2 - Due 4 Dec 2015 @ 23:59:59

For the final assignment this semester you will set up the rest of the virtual machines in the following table:

Machine Name IP address Role
cumulonimbus.clouds.ops (Your existing host)
  • External - DHCP assigned
  • Internal (virbr1) -
stratus.clouds.ops Master DNS server
stratocumulus.clouds.ops Slave DNS server

cumulus.clouds.ops Samba & NFS server

cirrus.clouds.ops Mail server

pileus.clouds.ops Web server

orographic.clouds.ops Remote backups
fog.clouds.ops Cloning Source

Assignment details

cumulus will be your file server for both Linux and Windows clients. One permanent Linux client is going to be the web server pileus - it will serve pages stored on the cumulus server. On cumulus you'll export the directory /data/www and make sure it's accessible by pileus.

cirrus will receive mail for the clouds.ops domain. Set it up as a mail server and also add an MX record in your DNS server. Cirrus will also be the IMAP server. Configure it to only provide IMAP and not POP3. Normally you wouldn't want IMAP either (IMAPS is much better) but avoiding creating certificates will save you some time. You do not need to store mail data on cumulus.

pileus will host your wordpress blog. That means you'll need to set up Apache, MySQL, and Wordpress. Wordpress.org has tutorials to help you with the setup. Note that all the data for Apache will be stored in cumulus. For this assignment you can leave the MySQL database in its default location.

Finally set up orographic to back up the relevant data (user data, configuration files) from the three servers above. Do not back up things that take a lot of space but have no value (such as the /usr directory). Backups will be automatic. They'll run every hour on cumulus, cirrus, and pileus. They will all use rsync to connect to orographic as root. For that to work automatically you'll need SSH keys - make sure each machine has its own root key pair, just in case one gets compromised.

Testing Plan

Your submission must include a description of the steps you took to ensure that your servers are configured correctly. Note that this is not a list of every step you took to configure your machine, but a record of tests you ran just before it 'goes live'.

Assignment submission and grading

Your professor will provide submission instructions.