Evan Weaver

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What I do:

I am co-Chair of the School of Information and Communications Technology at Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

My specialities are "hard-core" programming related: C, C++, UNIX, Windows, etc. If you are interested in game programming source code or driving simulations, check out my long neglected EDrive project, which I hope will eventually be useful for people preparing to take a high-performance driving school at a race track.

If you want to reach me, send me mail or stop by the School of ICT at the Newnham Campus, office A4005. I do get a lot of email and sometimes things get buried under the deluge, so please hound me if I don't respond.

Some reading for your perusal:

Here are some books I wrote on programming using C and C++. We used them at Seneca for many years, but language standard changes make them somewhat out of date. Nonetheless, I think they chart a compelling path for someone trying to become a professional programmer, so I am releasing them here.

These books are linear, designed to be read straight through, not designed as reference material where you jump in at any point. The linear nature means that topics and ideas are introduced gradually in a sequence that makes sense. Each book assumes that you have read the one before. Enjoy.

Here are some game programming materials I put together for a course I used to teach:

Here are the slides for my FSOSS 2008 panel presentation: Open Document format Powerpoint format PDF format

Here are the slides for my CDOG 2010 presentation: Open Document format Powerpoint format PDF format

Here are the slides for my Seneca Faculty Forum 2012 presentation: Open Document format Powerpoint format PDF format

What I like:

Programming, running, BMWs (esp. advanced driver education using mine, although I miss my old one [photo Fardad Soleimanloo]), red wine and garlic laden food, pizza, desserts (especially chocolate), fortune

Favourite obsessive timewaster:

Driving games on the PC (updated April 12, 2001). Check out my opinions, even though they are old and need a serious update. I also have a not-quite-as-old review of the amazing Gran Turismo 3 - A Spec for the Sony PlayStation2, although I've since moved on to a Playstation3 and Gran Turismo 4 and 5.

PC gamers might want to check out two programs that are being marketed and sold on the Internet: Live For Speed and rFactor. Both have free demos that let you get a feel for them before you have to plunk down any money.

Equipmentwise, I have a Logitech G25 wheel (works with PlayStation2/3 and the PC), which is far superior to any other wheel/pedal set I've tried. It features 3 turns lock to lock, a six-speed shifter (for games that support it, plus paddle shifters for games that don't) and a clutch pedal.

2013 update - a busy life sadly leaves me little time to play video games, although I have found that mobile games are much easier to slip into and out of. In particular, I'm really impressed with Real Racing 3 on my iPad mini. Some complain about the "freemium" model the game has, which forces you to either pay real money or just wait (for things like repairs and upgrades), but I have found that the mandatory waiting gets me to put the darn thing away for a while and get other things done! Steering the car by tilting the iPad is a surprisingly effective way to "drive", and it feels right even though there is no force feedback.

Pet Peeves:

Hardware failures, haircuts, spending money on clothes, "flavoured" coffee (yes, I prefer my coffee with no flavour!), MARKING

Free stuff I've made

EDrive - currently still just a prototype for a driving simulation. Maybe someday it will be more fully developed.

NLED - a simple-to-use, multi-platform text editor, now open source.

QFMT (Quick Formatter): This converts a text file with imbedded formatting instructions (similar to, but much simpler than, nroff) to a formatted pure text file. Useful for creating documentation that must be readable anywhere. QFMT is free for use - the copyright message is there so that you can't claim you wrote it and then try to sue me for stealing it from you. It is provided without warrantee of any kind.