Courses Taught

Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology
•  Data Comm: Wireless and Mobile (DCN 430) - Winter 2014
•  Computer Architecture and Networking (DCN 130) - Winter 2014
•  Computer Architecture and Networking (DCN 130) - Fall 2013
•  Risk Managment: Emerging Technologies (RIS 520)- Fall 2013

Ryerson University
•  Security architecture and design
• Digial Speech Processing
•  Discrete Speech Recognition

University of Guelph, Canada
•  Discrete Structure in Computing I (CIS 1910)
•  Discrete Structure in Computing II (CIS 2910)
•  Data Structures (CIS 2520)
•  Distributed Computing (CIS*4410)

University of Manitoba, Canada
•  Data Structures and Algorithms
•  Introduction to Computer Systems
•  Java Programming Language

Islamic University of Technology (Only international university in Bangladesh and organization of OIC)
•  Data Communications
•  Computer Networks
•  Advanced Parallel Computing
•  Operating Systems
•  Digital Signal Processing
•  Knowledge Based and Expert Systems
•  E-commerce and Web Development

Dhaka International University, Bangladesh
•  Wireless Communications
•  Fault Tolerant Computing System
•  Advanced Computer Architecture
•  E-commerce and Mobile Commerce

Dhaka University, Bangladesh
•  Electronics and Electrical Circuits
•  Combinatorial Optimizations

Asian University of Bangladesh
•  Knowledge Based ad Expert Systems
•  C Programming Language
•  Data Structures I and Data Structure II
•  Computer Algorithms
•  Graph Theory
•  Automata Theory
•  Digital Logic Design
•  Operating Systems

Research Interest

Wireless and Mobile Sensor Network

•  Efficient algorithms for routing protocols, sensors localization, data aggregation
•  Resource managements and data scheduling in sensor network
•  Fault tolerance algorithms for network management approaches

Wireless Communications and Networks

•  Quality of Services (QoS), resource management
•  Network privacy, security, intrusion detections
•  Mobility patterns, optimizations and so on.

Machine to Machine Communications and Internet of Things

•  Implementing novel architecture, providing QoS
•  Network management approaches

Cloud Computing

•  Integrating cloud computing with Ad hoc network based monitoring systems
•  Providing security and privacy, and management of cloud computing infrastructures
•  Task scheduling in cloud computing

Combinatorial Optimizations and Pattern Classes

•  Restricted permutations, simple permutations, container data types, pattern classes
•  Lotto design and other combinatorial optimization algorithms