Script for creating Assignment 1 Configuration Report

Important Note: Please replace the place holder [learnid] in this document with your Seneca email user name. Please DO NOT use your 9-digit Seneca Student Number.
  1. Download this script ( to your host machine.
  2. Copy the script from your host machine to the three VMs you have designated for Assignment 1. These 3 VMs should have the following VM names and IP addresses (the FQDN for each VM is to be decided by you when you assign the hostname on each VM and when you configurate the DNS zone for your domain: The script should be copied to each VM under the "/root" directory.
  3. On you host machine, login as a regular user and
  4. Inspect the contents of each file and uploading them individually to Blackboard.
  5. You must complete the upload of all files before the due date for assignment 1. You must submit the three configurate report in order to get a time slot for domonstrating your assignment 1 in class.