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Where there is an active link below you can get a full-text copy of the work. Yes, you read me right. For free! These works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. What this means is that you can download, copy, and distribute these stories as much as you like. However, you can't do any of this for commercial purposes, you must attribute the original work to me, and you must use the same or a compatible license when posting/redistributing the work. You can also edit/modify as much as you like - fix all the grammatical mistakes, replace all instances of a swashbuckling character's name with yours, or make all the endings happy (good luck on this last one)! Click on the link above or CC image at the side for a human readable form of the license which will then lead you to the legalese form of the license.

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The Book of Thomas

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Short Work

The unlinked stories are in a forthcoming collection, Horror Story and Other Horror Stories (see below). The linked stories lead to PDFs, and when I get time I will add open document files. HTML is too much work, though, unless you want to do the conversion and send them to me.

Bar Hopping or a Romantic Comedy in Nine Parts The Back Shed
Distant Seas Shika
Singing the Fat Man Falling
The Reality War Falling (audio version, mp3, as read by Matt Moore)*
Tabula Rasa Jazz Fantasia
Assassination and the New World Order Home
Gaytown Doing Time
Pirates Horror Story
The Uncertainty Principle Query
Object of Desire When Fat Men Love Thin Women
Monster The Love Clinic
Cure for Cancer The Death Artist

*Released under a Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, No Derivatives license.

Short Story Collection

A collection of my short work forthcame in November, 2008. It included all the unlinked stories listed above and is available under a CC license - that license is at the end of the PDF.

Horror Story and Other Horror Stories - pdf

Here is a press release, which notes that Horror Story and Other Horror Stories is currently available online from,,, Horror Mall, and Powell’s Books. Full information can be found on the ChiZine Publications’ website at

In his Quill & Quire review, Alex Good praised Horror Story and Other Horror Stories, saying that the author (me!), “has a real knack for creepy, Twilight Zone-style atmospherics. . . . (His) stories all have a twist—a turn of the screw—that breathes new life into some of the old forms and results in fiction as clever as it is entertaining.”

Got a decent review from Publisher's Weekly too: "Boyczuk's memorable debut offers 19 horror stories that accentuate the emotional-and often horrid - upheavals men and women suffer from while searching for love. Actually an edgy variety of sci-fi, horror, and speclit, Boyczuk's stories are succinct, such as "When Fat Men Love Thin Women," about a man's hunger for love, and "The Death Artist," a vivid snapshot of a bizarre artist, each less than two pages long. Other stand-outs include "Falling", a chilling examination of a man contemplating suicide; and "Cure for Cancer," a revenge tale about a demented medical genius who decides to give his ex-girlfriend cancer. Boyczuk's stories are uniformly excellent but at times oppressive, thanks to the repetitious "love is hell" theme; still, stories like "Shika" , which articulates the anger of a soldier's lost relationship, suggest mature abilities reminiscent of Lucius Shepard, one of Boyczuk's former Clarion West instructors."

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Okay, I have only one novel. But it's a big-assed one! It moldered in a drawer for several years while I vainly attempted to find an agent and/or publisher. I gave up. Then, years later, I offered it to the publishers of my short story collection, and turned out they liked it too. The gullible fools. It came out in August, 2010, as a limited edition, signed hardcover, and shortly after in a trade edition. It's now available in all major bookstores and online as an e-book. (The other day someone sent me a pic from New York where they found it, cover out, in a Barnes & Noble on the end of a Spec Lit shelf display right above Tolkein.) Be the coolest kid on the block and order your copy now!

Full information can be found on the at ChiZine Publications website.

Intriguing back cover blurb: “Certain to outrage snowboarders and pro-lifers of all stripes. Infantovores, however, will find a powerful and articulate advocate in Robert Boyczuk.”
—Peter Watts, author of the Rifters Trilogy and Blindsight.

"Boyczuk, author of a previous collection of horror and "dark" SF stories (reviewed here), skillfully ratchets up the suspense.... Well-punctuated with dramatic set pieces and thrills that are often sharp and bloody, the whole thing culminates in a spectacularly messy, and thoroughly satisfying, finale. Some of the complex back story is left a little murky and underdeveloped, but overall this is an ambitious novel that delivers on all its promises."
—Alex Good,

Publishers Weekly had a few words to say too: "Boyczuk's grim first novel has no connection to the Mike Rude comic book of the same name, but in typical comic-book fashion, gadgets and scenery trump characterization, and female characters are relegated to emoting, nurturing, and providing sex. Surrounding the typecasting, however, are page-turning thrills aplenty. Centuries-old long-haul spacefarers Sav and Liis arrive at their homeworld of Bh'Haret with two bureaucrats as cargo. The planet broadcasts nothing but plague warnings, but with vital supplies near exhaustion, the four must don space suits and brave the ravaged surface. They depend on one another for survival, but mutual distrust may prove as deadly as the plague. Boyczuk borrows from sources as diverse as Tolkien, Star Wars, and Alan Moore, and integrates the miscellany admirably into a fast-paced plot. The dystopian human dynamics, on the other hand, are the stuff of an epic nihilistic hangover."

Epic nihlistic hangover - yup, I've had a few.

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In the fall I did a presentation at the Chiaroscuro Spec-fic Colloquium. Not sure if it will have the same kind of impact since you can't see my very clever slides, but here are links to the vids:

TV Scripts

I took a sitcom writing workshop at Second City just because. The guy running the workshop said nice things about my spec scripts, but also told me I'd have to move to L.A. if I wanted to pursue a career as a sitcom writer. Which I didn't want to do. Plus, I didn't have the requisite Hawaiian shirt that is the uniform of sitcom writers. Note that I haven't posted CC versions of these scripts because I don't own the rights. But if you ask nicely, I might loan you a non-reproducible, non-redistributable copy.

Looking for Love in All The Wrong Papers
What's Up With Phil?


Before my new prescription kicked in, and I harbored delusions about being a screenwriter, I wrote four screenplays. If you want to option them, please send me lots of money.

Simple Questions
In Between
First Stone

Boring Publication Details

"Falling", On Spec, Spring 1993 (reprinted in the anthology, Respond in Writing, Nelson Thomson Learning, 2002)   
"Distant Seas", On Spec, Fall 1993 (reprinted in the anthology, On Spec: The First Five Years, Tesseract Publishing, 1995)
"Jazz Fantasia", On Spec, Winter 1993
"Assassination and the New World Order", Prairie Fire, Summer 1995
"Home," Transversions, Fall, 1995
"Doing Time", Erotica Vampirica, Circlet Press, 1996 (reprinted in the anthology, Northern Suns, Tor, 1999)
"Horror Story", Northern Frights, Mosaic Press, Spring '97 (reprinted in the anthology, Wild Things Live There, Mosaic Press, 2001)
"The Reality War", On Spec, Winter '97
"Query", Tesseracts7, Tesseract Press, 1999
"Shika", On Spec, Winter 1998
"The Back Shed", On Spec , Winter, 1999
"Object of Desire", Dark Planet, February 1999
"Singing the Fat Man", Dark Planet, February, 1999
"Tabula Rasa", Queer Fear, Fall 2000
"Bar Hopping or a Romantic Comedy in Nine Parts", Algonquin Roundtable Review, Summer 2001
"Gaytown", Queer Fear II, Arsenal Pulp Press, November, 2002
"Pirates", Descant, Spring 2003
"Cure for Cancer", ChiZine: Treatments of Light and Shade in Words, 2004
Horror Stories and Other Horror Stories, Chizine Publications, September, 2008. The definitive, must-have collection of my work! Includes several of the stories above, and the previously unpublished works "When Fat Men Love Thin Women", "The Death Artist", "The Uncertainty Principle" and "Monster".
Nexus: Ascension, Chizine Publications, August 2010. My definitive - and only - novel!

Grants and Awards

1994 Toronto Arts Council Grant
1994 Honorable Mention, "Falling", Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, 1993
1995 Canada Council Explorations Grant
1995 First Prize, Prairie Fire, Speculative Fiction Writing Contest, "Assassination and the New World Order"
1996 Honorable Mention, "Assassination and the New World Order", Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, 1995
1998 Toronto Arts Council Grant
2000 Toronto Arts Council Grant
2001 Honorable Mention, "Tabula Rasa", Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, 2000
2003 Honorable Mention, "Gaytown", Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, 2002